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Little Shop Of Horrors live; Virtual Reality; Toronto comes to London

With Francine Stock. Live Live Cinema perform The Little Shop Of Horrors, a look at virtual reality use in documentaries, and how films are chosen for the Toronto Film Festival.

With Francine Stock.

Live Live Cinema perform The Little Shop Of Horrors in studio. The four band members play various instruments and all the characters as well as performing the sound effects and lip-synching to the dialogue on screen. They show Francine how it's done.

Virtual Reality could well be the future of documentaries, according to film-makers Richard Nockles and Gabo Arora. Francine dons a headset and takes a virtual tour of London by crane.

The road to the Oscars for Slumdog Millionaire and The King's Speech began at the Toronto Film Festival, which is becoming increasingly important for British film-makers with their eyes on the prize. Cameron Bailey and Piers Handling are in London this week from Toronto to watch 65 films all vying to get into the festival. Only 8 will make it. They take Francine through the decision-making process.

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Live Live Cinema 2015

Live Live Cinema 2015
Little Shop of Horrors touring the UK in June 
21 June London Barbican  

23 June Gateshead The Sage  

24 June EIFF Edinburgh Festival Theatre  

21 – 23 July Galway International Arts  

VR Arcade

VR Arcade
Francine at the VR arcade at the Sheffield DocFest

Clouds Over Sidra

If you want to watch Clouds Over Sidra yourself, you can download the app for your iPhone, Android, or Gear VR headset at . (And you can even use a cardboard headset.)


Role Contributor
Presenter Francine Stock
Interviewed Guest Richard Nockles
Interviewed Guest Gabo Arora
Interviewed Guest Cameron Bailey
Interviewed Guest Piers Handling


  • Thu 18 Jun 2015 16:00
  • Sun 21 Jun 2015 23:00

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