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Souad Massi, What do we tell our young people about fertility?, Women and Buddhism

With Jane Garvey. What to tell teenagers about fertility, Algerian singer Souad Massi, women and Buddhism, and what's being done to reduce the number of girls married as children?

Sex education for teenagers is often focused on pregnancy prevention but are we neglecting to warn them not to leave it too late? Algerian singer Souad Massi talks to Jane and performs from her latest album. Who are the women who choose to dedicate their lives to Buddhism? Jane talks to journalist, Christine Toomey and Buddhist nun Ani Rinchen Khandro. Child marriage used to be a taboo subject but it's now firmly on the international and regional agenda. Jane talks to two experts in the field.

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  • What should we be telling our young people about fertility?

    Duration: 13:40

  • Souad Massi

    Duration: 11:23

  • Women and the Buddhist Faith

    Duration: 10:28

  • Child Brides

    Duration: 06:16

What should we be telling young people about fertility?

Sex education for teenagers is often focussed on pregnancy prevention but are we neglecting to warn them not to leave it too late? With many people waiting longer to start families and risking their ability to conceive naturally what should we tell our sons and daughters about fertility? when should we tell them? and whose responsibility is it? Fertility expert Dr Geeta Nargund believes young people need better education in schools not only about the fertility facts but also the prevention of infertility.

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Souad Massi

Souad Massi is one of the most successful female singer songwriters in Arabic speaking world. Born in Algeria, she moved to France in 1999. She has produced a new album called El Mutakallimun which means Master of the Word. It was Inspired by her discovery of the golden age of Arabic poet scholars in 9th century Cordoba such as Ibn Arabi who wrote about the religion of love. She joins Jane to perform a song from her album and to talk about why the album was a reaction to the caricatures associated with Arabic culture, and why she hopes her music can reconnect young Muslims to the beauty and poetry left by their ancestors.

Child Brides

Over 700 million women alive today were married as children. And in the developing world one in three girls continue to be married off before the age of 18. A taboo subject only a few years ago, Lakshmi Sundaram, Executive Director of Girls not Brides, explains why child marriage is now firmly on the international agenda. Joining her is Lama Saja from ABAAD Resource Center for Gender Equality in Beirut, where they have seen a significant increase in child marriage due to the Syrian refugee crisis.

Women and the Buddhist Faith

Acccording to the 2001 census there are just over 150,000 who formally identify themselves as Buddhists in Britain. Many more practice the faith without formally identifying themselves as part of the religion and interest in the faith is growing. Jane Garvey talks to Christine Toomey about her new book which looks at the women who choose to dedicate their lives to Buddhism and to Ani Rinchen Khandro, the nun who runs Kagyu Samye Dzong in Edinburgh.


Role Contributor
Presenter Jane Garvey
Producer Lucinda Montefiore
Interviewed Guest Geeta Nargrund
Interviewed Guest Jane Lees
Interviewed Guest Souad Massi
Interviewed Guest Christine Toomey
Interviewed Guest Ani Rinchen Khandro
Interviewed Guest Lakshmi Sundaram
Interviewed Guest Lama Naja


  • Mon 8 Jun 2015 10:00

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