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Travel Money: Cards v Cash

Lesley Curwen with the latest news from the world of personal finance, including the best ways to take money on holiday, pension freedom and time to revisit new EU VAT rules.

What's the best way to take your money on holiday and keep it safe?

Plastic is triumphing over paper where travel is concerned. Thomas Cook stopped issuing travellers cheques in March, after 141 years in that business, citing falling demand. And the Post Office says last financial year it sold ten times the number of pre paid cards than it did travellers' cheques.

Money Box examines the pros and cons of the pre-paid currency cards.

Exactly two months after the beginning of Pension Freedom, some pension providers appear unable to offer complete choice to their customers. Friends Life are only offering two of the Pension Freedom options. Lesley Curwen will be asking a leading pension expert what you can do.

Meanwhile some of those in defined benefit workplace pension schemes are resorting to desperate measures to try and access their pensions pot, as the Financial Conduct Authority looks at strengthening its advice to financial advisers.

The European Commission is looking again at how the recent changes to EU VAT regulations are affecting small digital businesses. They say nearly all the complaints about the new rules and the VAT Mini One Stop Shop (VAT MOSS) are from the UK. So what are the Commission going to do about it?

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