Landmark: Dante's The Divine Comedy

Philip Dodd discusses Dante's The Divine Comedy with scholars Prue Shaw and Nick Havely, poet Sean O'Brien and writer Kevin Jackson.

Philip Dodd chairs a Landmark discussion about Dante's poem The Divine Comedy with Prue Shaw, author of 'Reading Dante', scholar Nick Havely, the poet Sean O'Brien and writer Kevin Jackson.

Prue Shaw is the author of 'Reading Dante'
Sean O'Brien has done his own version of Dante's Inferno
Nick Havely is the author of 'Dante's British Public, from the Fourteenth Century to the Present'
Kevin Jackson is the author of the graphic novel Dante's Inferno with illustrations by Hunt Emerson

A selection of 30 of Botticelli's images for The Divine Comedy are on show as part of Botticelli and Treasures from the Hamilton Collection which runs at The Courtaul Gallery in London from February 18th - May 8th.

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Presenter: Philip Dodd
Producer: Jacqueline Smith

Revised repeat of a programme first broadcast on May 13th 2015.

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45 minutes


Role Contributor
Presenter Philip Dodd
Interviewed Guest Prue Shaw
Interviewed Guest Sean O'Brien
Interviewed Guest Nick Havely
Interviewed Guest Kevin Jackson
Producer Jacqueline Smith


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