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An account of the life of Jesus of Nazareth based on the Gospel of John. Narrated by David Harewood.

An account of the life of Jesus of Nazareth. In the opening of the Gospel, Jesus is introduced as the Word of God appearing in human form. He will bring light and salvation to the world, opening up a way to God, but he will ultimately be rejected.

Jesus is baptised and gathers around him a circle of disciples. He begins his ministry of preaching, teaching and performing miracles. He changes water into wine, heals a paralysed man, walks on water and feeds 5,000 people with just two loaves and fishes. These are signs of his God-given power.

Jesus emerges as a powerful and charismatic teacher with encouraging words about the Kingdom of God and how membership can be achieved by following him. Whilst many are attracted towards Jesus's message, the Jewish authorities become hostile, particularly when Jesus overturns the tables of the moneylenders in the temple in Jerusalem. They challenge his authority, accusing him of breaking Jewish law and making himself equal with God.

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Role Contributor
Narrator David Harewood
Jesus Selva Rasalingam
John Mourad Zaoui
Simon Peter El Muhmoudi M'Barek
James Son of Zebedee Abdelilah Wahbi
Andrew Abdelaziz N'Mila
Philip Ait Youssef Youssef
Bartholomew Mohamed N'Mila
Thomas Abderrahim Khira
Matthew Mohamed El Korchi
James Son of Alphaeus Noureddina Cherfaoui
Mary Karima Gouit
Thaddaeus Mostafa Charfaoui
Simon the Zealot Dahabi Bouragate
Judas Iscariot El Dejjiti
Mary Magdalene Leila El Fadili
Nicodemus Hassan Mejlale
Samaritan Woman Ilhan Oujri Oujri
Pharisee Ahmed El Harrak
Pharisee Mosaid Abderrahim
Pharisee Baala Mohamed
Production Company Big Book Media
Production Company CTVC
Director David Batty
Producer Hannah Leader
Associate Producer Ray Bruce