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Food Writer Rosemary Moon

Food writer Rosemary Moon's passion for whisky, three women share their experiences of being brought up in care, and the young women who prefer to holiday alone. With Jenni Murray.

Rosemary Moon is a food writer with a passion for whisky. Her new ambition to find the perfect blend to complement food.

We look at why many young women are increasingly choosing to go on holiday on their own..

Plus we speak to to three young women Kim, Liz and Sophina with very different experiences of the care system.

And we meet the lawyer whose company is based on family-friendly policies.

Presented by Jenni Murray
Producer Beverley Purcell.

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58 minutes

Holidaying Alone in your 20's

Young women are increasingly choosing to go on holiday on their own. Reasons such as having friends with incompatible schedules and budgets, the opportunity to be more spontaneous and having very specific ideas about the kind of holiday want, are some of the reasons for the trend. Gemma Thompson first went solo travelling to South East Asia eleven years ago at the age of 23. Since then she’s frequently holidayed on her own, and her experiences led her to collect stories from other female travellers into a book. Journalist Tess Reidy has never travelled on her own but noticed a lot of her friends were doing so. 

Janvi Patel

Janvi Patel is the founder of British law firm Halebury and a mother of three.  She lives in Los Angeles but commutes between there and London to run her company which is based on family-friendly policies. She talks to Jenni about making the law business work for women, being bossy and raising the number of women partners.

Life After Care

Last year, the government announced a new legal duty that will ensure young people can remain with their foster care families until they turn 21, and can receive help and advice after 21 if they are in further education or training. For young people in care homes, funding and support still stops at 18. Is that too early? And how does this impact on later life?  Emma Barnett speaks to three young women Kim, Liz and Sophina  with very  different experiences of the care system.

Whisky And Women

Rosemary Moon is a food writer with a passion for whisky.  Chichester's Whisky Women builds on her decades of experience in the food world. Her new ambition is to find the perfect whisky to complement your menu – matching the different grain whiskies to the ingredients on your plate. She joins Jenni  to talk about the world of whisky and searching for her Dream Dram.

Chichester's Whisky Women's next event will be on 14th April.


Role Contributor
Presenter Jenni Murray
Producer Beverley Purcell
Interviewed Guest Rosemary Moon
Interviewed Guest Janvi Patel
Interviewed Guest Gemma Thompson
Interviewed Guest Tess Reidy


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