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Rebecca Ferguson sings Billie Holiday

Rebecca Ferguson sings Billie Holiday; author Renee Knight and her new novel Disclaimer; challenging sexism at university; and how long should you mourn the end of a relationship?

It's the centenary of Billie Holiday's birth. Author, Julia Blackburn and singer, Rebecca Ferguson talk about her legacy; How long should you mourn the end of a relationship; Author, Renee Knight and her new novel 'Disclaimer'; Challenging sexism at University;

Presenter: Emma Barnett
Producer: Kirsty Starkey.

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58 minutes


  • Billie Holiday Centenary

    Duration: 14:12

  • Sexism in University Student Elections

    Duration: 05:02

  • Real Talk – Mourning Relationships

    Duration: 13:28

  • Renee Knight - Disclaimer

    Duration: 07:58

Billie Holiday Centenary

One hundred years ago American jazz singer and songwriter Billie Holiday was born. Rebecca Ferguson has reinterpreted Billie Holiday’s  Seminal Album “Lady Sings The Blues” and Julia Blackburn wrote the book With Billie. They join Emma Barnett to talk about Holiday’s legacy and Rebecca Ferguson performs Don’t Explain.

Rebecca Ferguson’s 'Lady Sings the Blues' is out now and she will be touring in 2016.

Julia Blackburn’s Threads: The Delicate Life of John Craske is out now.

Sexism in University Student Elections

In the run up to the general election we have been focusing on what the main parties are doing to get more women involved in politics. Just over a fifth of MP’s are women and in mid-March the Labour party released a statement suggesting gender equality on the House of Commons benches could take 150 years. For some people, it seems that sexism in politics can be felt much earlier than before reaching parliament. Sarah Gillborn is a third year psychology undergraduate at Leeds Beckett University. She joins Emma to speak about the criticism she faced as a woman running in her university student union elections.

Real Talk – Mourning Relationships

How long is it acceptable to mourn the breakdown of a relationship? When do you have to stop talking about it? When is it ‘okay’ to start dating? What if you never want to date again? What if you’re still sad after two years – how bored are your friends? Woman’s Hour unpicks the answers. Rosamund Urwin, Susie Boniface AKA Fleet Street Fox and comedian Samantha Baines join Emma.

Renee Knight - Disclaimer

How would you feel if you curled up to read a new novel, and found that it was all about you, and describes something terrible that happened twenty years ago which you’ve told no-one about? That’s the starting point of Disclaimer, a new book by Renee Knight, that has been sold in 25 countries, and will be turned into a Hollywood film.  Renee joins Emma to talk about intrigue, unreliable narrators, and the pressure of having her book hailed as the new Gone Girl.


Role Contributor
Presenter Emma Barnett
Interviewed Guest Rebecca Ferguson
Interviewed Guest Julia Blackburn
Interviewed Guest Rosamund Urwin
Interviewed Guest Susie Boniface
Interviewed Guest Samantha Baines
Interviewed Guest Sarah Gillborn
Interviewed Guest Renee Knight
Producer Kirsty Starkey


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