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Christina Lamb talks to Ziauddin Yousafzai - Malala's dad.

The Sunday Times journalist Christina Lamb talks to the father of Malala, the school girl shot by the Taleban. Ziauddin's own legacy is now overshadowed by his daughter's fame.

Christina Lamb is an author and foreign correspondent for the Sunday Times and in this series of One to One she explores the issues around family legacies.

Christina looks at what can happen when you build a legacy only to find it overshadowed by your child's fame. Ziauddin is father of the schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai, whose name became known around the world after she was shot dead by the Taleban in October 2012.

Malala was standing up for her rights to an education. While extremely proud of his daughter's bravery and her campaigning, he tells Christina where her passion stems from and that for him it's important to return to his home village and continue with his own work.

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Producer : Perminder Khatkar.

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