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Yasar Kemal, Maureen Guy, Professor Oliver Rackham, Sir Noel Davies, Leonard Nimoy

Andrea Catherwood on Turkish author Yasar Kemal, opera singer Maureen Guy, environmental historian Prof Oliver Rackam, nuclear engineer Sir Noel Davies and actor Leonard Nimoy.

Andrea Catherwood tells the life stories of international author and master of Turkish storytelling Yasar Kemal, Maureen Guy the Welsh opera singer who performed at Prince Charles' investiture, environmental historian Professor Oliver Rackham, Sir Noel Davies, the engineer who built Britain's fleet of Trident nuclear submarines and Leonard Nimoy the actor better know simply as "Spock".

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28 minutes

Yaşar Kemal

Andrea spoke to Mehmet Ergen, cultural commentator and artistic director of the Arcola Theatre and to novelist Kaya Genç who is a contributing editor to Index on Censorship.

Born 6 October 1923; died 28 February 2015 aged 91.

Maureen Guy

Last Word spoke to her husband John Mitchinson and to Sir John Tooley, former director of the Royal Opera who was secretary of the Guildhall School of Music when she studied there.

Born 10 July 1932; died 14 February 2015 aged 82.

Professor Oliver Rackham

Andrea spoke to ecologist Professor Peter Grubb of Cambridge University who knew Oliver as a student, and to fellow conservationist and friend Louise Bacon.

Born 17 October 1939; died 12 February 2015 aged 75.

Sir Noel Davies

Andrea spoke to his son, Roger Davies and to his colleague at VSEL, Peter Martin.

Born 2 December 1933; died 10 February 2015 aged 81.

Leonard Nimoy (pictured)

Film writer Matthew Sweet pays tribute.

Born 26 March 1931; died 27 February 2015 aged 83.


Role Contributor
Presenter Andrea Catherwood
Interviewed Guest Mehmet Ergen
Interviewed Guest Kaya Genc
Interviewed Guest John Mitchinson
Interviewed Guest John Tooley
Interviewed Guest Peter Grubb
Interviewed Guest Louise Bacon
Interviewed Guest Roger Davies
Interviewed Guest Peter Martin
Interviewed Guest Matthew Sweet


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