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Home Care; Fake Solicitors; Scottish House Prices

Consumer news. The programme talks to the home care provider that will not accept council work on the basis that they do not allow enough time to provide good care.

What's it like to be dependent on 15 minute appointments to provide all your home care? We talk to a family and the company that is turning down local authority work on the grounds that they don't allow enough time to do the job well.

Scams run by fake solicitors have cost some families hundreds of thousands of pounds. You and Yours investigates.

And the people looking to buy expensive homes in Scotland are rushing to get sales completed before new stamp duty rates come into effect on April 1st.

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  • Fake Solicitors

    The sharp rise in reports about bogus law firms.

    Duration: 08:11

  • Foreign Dogs

    Are fancy foreign dogs stealing the limelight from British breeds?

    Duration: 04:40

  • 15 Minute Care Appointments

    Local authorities are not paying the minimum it costs to provide home care.

    Duration: 10:09

  • Scottish Housing

    Rise in sales of high-end Scottish homes as buyers rush to act before new stamp duty rule

    Duration: 04:10

  • Sell by Dates

    Could extending the sell by dates on food by an extra day cut down on waste?

    Duration: 04:04

  • Low Commission

    Looking at the effects that cuts to legal aid made two years ago have had on people.

    Duration: 08:11

Foreign Dogs

Foreign Dogs
Paul Keevil and his Dandy Dinmont terrier, Crosby.


  • Wed 4 Mar 2015 12:15

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How do I avoid being ripped off by a scam?

How do I avoid being ripped off by a scam?

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