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Gone blind or born blind

A listener explains why he finds some Waitrose packaging designs difficult to read, plus there is a discussion on if it is better to be born blind or to lose sight later in life.

Listener, Chris Markiewicz, says that some Waitrose packaging is very difficult to read because it typically has light-coloured writing on a pale background. He brings in some of his shopping to demonstrate his problem.

One of the age-old questions that, if you're a person who is blind, you might well be asked is: "do you think it's better to be born blind, or to lose your sight later in life"? We put that question to two listeners: Lyndall Bywater who was born blind, and Ken Reid, who lost his sight in his late thirties.

Our item last week from Damon Rose about the colours and light show he is constantly seeing, even though he is totally blind, has prompted a huge reaction from listeners. We hear a selection of the responses.

Presenter: Peter White
Producer: Lee Kumutat.

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  • Tue 3 Mar 2015 20:40

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