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John Lewis, Therapists Website and Drug Driving

Why taking a cold remedy could lead to a driving ban & John Lewis Partnership chairman on the future of department stores, online deliveries and consumer trust.

Presenter: Winifred Robinson
Producer: Kevin Mousley.

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45 minutes


  • Tickets

    Websites selling tickets on the secondary market will be affected by a new amendment.

    Duration: 05:37

  • Orange Wednesday

    10 years later, Orange Wednesday finishes today- what makes a good consumer incentive?

    Duration: 04:02

  • Nuisance Calls

    A change in law will make it easier to prosecute people responsible for nuisance calls

    Duration: 08:21

  • JLP-Mayfield

    The Chairman of JLP talks about online delivery and the future of Waitrose & John Lewis.

    Duration: 07:26


    A company cold-called psychotherapists and persuaded them to pay to be on a website.

    Duration: 08:24

  • Drug Driving

    Could taking prescription medicines land you on the wrong side of a new drug driving law?

    Duration: 03:56


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