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BBC Radio iPlayer; Audio in Films; 'Visual Tinnitus'

Changes to BBC Radio iPlayer causing problems for some listeners and a study to enhance the audio in films, plus the blind man who longs for darkness.

Over the past couple of weeks, listeners have been reporting that some equipment they use to access the BBC Radio iPlayer is no longer working. Dr Mike Townsend from the British Computer Association of the Blind, puts member's concerns to Andrew Scott, General Manager for BBC iPlayer.

A research study at Anglia-Ruskin University in Cambridge, has looked at the way film-makers can enhance the audio soundtrack to create a more immersive experience for visually impaired people. Reporter Johny Cassidy speaks the leader of the study, Mariana Lopez, and listens to her audio enhanced piece of film.

Damon Rose lost his sight 31 years ago, and yet he still experiences what he calls "visual tinnitus" - constant movement and flashing behind his eyes. In his listener column, he tells us why, as a blind man, he longs for darkness.

Presenter: Peter White
Producer: Lee Kumutat
Editor: Karen Dalziel.

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