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Diarmuid and Grainne

Aisling Bea and Yasmine Akram comicly rework the tale of two young lovers, an affair that ended like most ancient Irish stories - terribly. From February 2015. Episode 3 of 4.

Aisling Bea (British Comedy Award Winner 2014) and Yasmine Akram (Sherlock) return with a second series, offering their unique take on Ireland's ancient stories.

Irish Micks and Legends is comedic, highly irreverent storytelling of ancient Irish folklore. Still the very best pals, Aisling and Yasmine take their role explaining Irish legends to the British nation very seriously indeed. That said, it would appear that they haven't had the time to do much research, work out who is doing which parts, edit out the chat or learn how to work the sound desk.

With a vast vault of fantastical myths, mixed with 21st century references to help you along, prepare for some very silly lessons in life, love and the crazy shenanigans of old Ireland and modern Irish. The first series was a Chortle Best Radio Comedy Nominee 2013.

Episode Three: Diarmuid and Grainne
Aisling and Yasmine get romantic (not like that) to tell the tale of the famous young lovers Diarmuid and Grainne. It's an affair which ended like most Irish stories - terribly.

Producer: Raymond Lau
A Green Dragon Media production for BBC Radio 4.

13 minutes