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Scottish Catholics; The Pope and the Mafia; Icelandic Pagans

How will a shortage of Catholic priests in Scotland hit parishes? Pope Francis takes a stance against the mafia, plus will there be a warm response to Iceland's pagan temple?

The Catholic Church in Scotland has revealed a proposal to slash the number of parishes across the east of the country. Archbishop Leo Cushley explains why the changes are necessary.

Hundreds of Christians have demanded greater protection in India following arson attacks on a number of churches. Rahul Tandon reports on whether this is a sign of rising Hindu nationalism since Narendra Modi's VJP party swept to power nine months ago.

Manchester and Liverpool Cathedrals are running an innovative project to help the longterm unemployed find a job. Kevin Bocquet visits some of the new volunteers hopeful of a job and hears from those in work as a result.

On Sunday, Mass will be held in Rome for 20 new Cardinals. David Willey reports on the significance of the appointments and why a delegation of Bishops from Ukraine are meeting Pope Francis on Monday.

Sicilian Archbishop Francesco Montenegro is one of those who wil be made a Cardinal this weekend. Commentators say it is a reward for the gutsy stance he's taken against the mafia. John Laurenson travelled to Calabria to meet some of the priests who are taking on the fight against the mafia.

Icelanders will soon be able to worship at a shrine to the Norse Gods, Thor, Odin and Frigg. A temple is being constructed in Reykjavik as a modern version of Norse paganism gains popularity. Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson, a high priest of Norse paganism tell us why Icelanders are attracted to paganism.

As the new GCSE RS syllabus is launched we look at a new book which explores 50 different world religions in "30 seconds".

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