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John Hopkins, Ena Baxter, Lord Gavron, Andre Brink, Charles Townes, Steve Strange

Matthew Bannister talks about photographer and cutural catalyst John 'Hoppy' Hopkins, cook Ena Baxter, businessman Lord Gavron, writer Andre Brink and physicist Charles Townes.

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John "Hoppy" Hopkins - the photographer who played a pivotal role in the counter culture of the 1960s. He set up the underground magazine International Times and started the UFO club where Pink Floyd made their early appearances. Record producer Joe Boyd and poet Michael Horovitz pay tribute.

Also Ena Baxter the culinary creator behind the success of the Scottish family business Baxter's foods.

Lord Gavron, the Labour peer who made his fortune in the printing business.

Andre Brink, the dissident Afrikaans writer whose work was banned by South Africa's apartheid government.

And Charles Townes, the Nobel Prize winning physicist whose work paved the way for the invention of the laser.

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John Hopkins

Last Word spoke to his friends, the poet Michael Horovitz and to the writer and record producer, Joe Boyd.

Born 15 August 1937; died 30 January 2015 aged 77.

Ena Baxter

Last Word spoke to journalist and author Maurice Smith who interviewed Ena and to Jim Royan, Vice Lord Lieutenant on Murray.

Born 12 August  1924; died 15 January 2015 aged 90.

Lord Gavron

Matthew spoke to his friend Baroness Blackstone.

Born 13 September 1930; died 7 February 2015 aged 84.

André Brink (pictured)

Fellow South African writer and friend Helen Moffett pays tribute.

Born 29 May 1935; died 6 February 2015 aged 79.

Charles Townes

Last Word spoke to his daughter, Holly Townes and to research scientist Ceri Brenner.

Born 28 July 1915; died 27 January 2015 aged 99.

Steve Strange

Born 28 May 1959; died 12 February 2015 aged 55.


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Presenter Matthew Bannister
Interviewed Guest Michael Horovitz
Interviewed Guest Joe Boyd
Interviewed Guest Maurice Smith
Interviewed Guest Jim Royan
Interviewed Guest Tessa Blackstone
Interviewed Guest Helen Moffett
Interviewed Guest Holly Townes
Interviewed Guest Ceri Brenner