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Winter Seashore

Trai Anfield discovers the wildlife that survives the harsh conditions on the wintry beach and rocky shores of Devon.

Trai Anfield visits a wintry Bovisand Bay in South Devon in the company of Keith Hiscock, Associate Fellow of the Marine Biological Association.

They rummage amongst the storm strewn seaweed making up the strand line at the top of the beach. It is here that insects and crustaceans flourish in the food rich and clement micro world, in turn drawing in birds like wagtails and turn stones.

Down in the inter-tidal zone, along with finding a host of marine molluscs are the excitingly named volcano barnacles and beautifully coloured beadlet anenomies.

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22 minutes

Keith Hiscock

Keith Hiscock
Diver and scientist Dr Keith Hiscock is an associate fellow at the Plymouth-based Marine Biological Association (MBA) one of Britain’s most distinguished experts in underwater conservation.

He started diving in 1969 as a marine zoology student and visited the island of Lundy in the Bristol channel year after year.

He now chairs the Lundy Field Society, which has published the book Protecting Lundy’s Marine Life: 40 Years Of Science And Conservation by Keith Hiscock and Robert Irving.

Creatures found on the rocky shores of Bovisand Bay

Creatures found on the rocky shores of Bovisand Bay
Picture: Trai Anfield


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