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Episode 3 of 4

Michael Blastland and the Zoo team explore information avoidance and denial. When and how do we resist the facts?

The Human Zoo is a place to learn about the one subject that never fails to fascinate - ourselves. Are people led by the head or by the heart? How rational are we? And how do we perceive the world?

There's a curious blend of intriguing experiments to discover our biases and judgements, explorations and examples taken from what's in the news to what we do in the kitchen, and it's all driven by a large slice of curiosity.

Michael Blastland presents. Nick Chater, Professor of Behavioural Science at Warwick University, is the experimenter-in-chief, and Timandra Harkness the resident reporter.
In this programme, we look at information avoidance and denial: when and how do we resist the facts?

Producer: Dom Byrne

A Pier production for BBC Radio 4.

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28 minutes