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The Saudi women held for driving; Gender and careers after university

Jenni Murray hears an update on the Saudi women being held for driving. Plus how gender affects careers after university.

Two women's rights campaigners tried to drive into Saudi Arabia last year and we get the latest on their situation from Rothna Begum, Woman's Rights Researcher at Human Rights Watch for the Middle East and North Africa. Research shows that more men than women leave University for a graduate level job, we ask why? And, the end of a relationship is difficult, but is it worse when the partner you thought was heterosexual leaves you for a same sex relationship? And, after getting advice from Indian self reliant groups, we hear about the Scottish women who have started a business.

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  • Women Driving In Saudi Detained

    Duration: 06:36

  • Careers And Gender Gap

    Duration: 12:41

  • Self-Reliant Groups

    Duration: 08:27

  • Partner Leaving For Gay Relationship

    Duration: 10:20

Women Driving In Saudi Detained

Two women's rights campaigners who tried to drive into Saudi Arabia may face a Specialized Criminal Court which tries terrorism related charges. At the beginning of December women’s right campaigner  Loujain Hathloul, was arrested after she tried to drive into the country from neighbouring United Arab Emirates, flouting the ban on women motorists. Maysaa Alamoudi,  a UAE-based Saudi journalist, arrived at the border to support her  and was also detained.  To find out the latest Jenni will be joined by  Rothna Begum the Woman’s Rights Researcher at Human Rights Watch for the Middle East and North Africa 

Careers And Gender Gap

A lower proportion of women than men leave university for a graduate level job. In a study done by the Higher Education Statistics Agency in 2013, 90% of male leavers secured graduate-level jobs compared with 81% of female leavers, six months after graduation. This gender gap extended to pay, with the average male leaver earning £25,000 six months after graduating compared with £21,000 for females. According to research men take action earlier when it comes to thinking about jobs, women focus on academic and extra-curricular things. Women are less confident about approaching employers. Why?  And what can be done about it?
For more information on the Oxford University's Careers Service study:

Self-Reliant Groups

A system of self-help groups pioneered in India is giving hope to women in the poorest parts of Glasgow.  The self reliant groups come together to save small amounts of money to start businesses.  The system is being brought to Scotland with the help of the Church of Scotland's Ministries Council.  Our reporter Qlizabeth Quigley went to meet a self-Reliant group in the Provanmill area of Glasgow.

Partner Leaving For Gay Relationship

Your partner ending your marriage can be absolutely devastating.  But how does it affect you if he or she goes off to start a gay relationship? Does it make you feel that there is no competition and therefore it’s easier to deal with? Or is exactly the opposite true?  Sharon and Kevin share their experiences of discovering that their other half is gay. And Dr Gayle Brewer offers a psychologist’s point of view.
Find out more about Straight Partners Anonymous:


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Interviewed Guest Gayle Brewer


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