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This Girl Can, Nail Biting and Laura Doggett

Jane Garvey presents a campaign to get women playing sport, domestic violence perpetrator programmes, and whether Denmark is a happy place to live. Laura Doggett performs live.

This Girl Can', a new advertising campaign from Sport England to get more women playing sport. Domestic Violence perpetrator programmes stop abuse says new research. Nail biting is very common but why do we do it and does it matter? Laura Doggett, a hotly-tipped 2015 musician, plays live. Denmark is said to be the happiest place to live in the world. 'A Year of Living Danishly' looks at if it is.

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  • This Girl Can

    Duration: 08:57

  • Domestic Violence Series- Male Perpetrator Programme Research

    Duration: 09:22

  • Nail Biting

    Duration: 07:27

  • Laura Doggett

    Duration: 06:50

  • Is Denmark Really The Best Place To Live?

    Duration: 07:41

This Girl Can

There are two million fewer women playing sport once a week than there are men. Sport England today launch an advertising campaign to try to address that imbalance. This Girl Can is aimed at encouraging all women – irrespective of skill, fitness, size or how little time they have - to take up some sort of physical activity because it’s fun and life enhancing. 

We speak to Sport England about the need for the campaign, and Grace Monksfield Hammond, one of the women featuring in it.

Domestic Violence Series- Male Perpetrator Programme Research

According to research published today, the vast majority of men who abuse their partners stop their physical and sexual violence if they attend a domestic violence perpetrator programme. Professor Liz Kelly from London Metropolitan University, and one of the principal investigators of the research team, and Phil Price from the Domestic Violence Intervention Project who works with perpetrators join Jane to discuss this controversial area.

For more information on this issue please click on the links below:

Nail Biting

Nail biting is surprisingly common –  not just amongst children but amongst adults as well. Why do we do it?  Does it matter? And if you don’t like doing it, then how can you stop?  Novelist Harriet Lane has been a lifelong nail biter, but recently found a way of easing her compulsion.  She joins Jane in the studio with psychologist Dr Jessamy Hibberd, author of This Book Will Make You Mindful and This Book Will Make You Feel Beautiful.

Laura Doggett

Laura Doggett, one of 2015’s hotly tipped musicians joins Jane to talk about her latest single ‘Old Faces’ – and what it’s like to have her music featured on the series 2 trailer for ITV’s Broadchurch.

Is Denmark Really The Best Place To Live?

Denmark is said to be the happiest place to live in the world. Short work hours, high economic and gender equality, plus brilliant childcare all play a key part in the Danes emotional well-being. But is Denmark really the best place to live? High anti-depressant and divorce rates might suggest otherwise. We talk to journalists Helen Russell and Michael Booth – who have both moved there – to tell us the truth.  


Role Contributor
Presenter Jane Garvey
Producer Kirsty Starkey
Interviewed Guest Grace Monksfield Hammond
Interviewed Guest Jennie Price
Interviewed Guest Liz Kelly
Interviewed Guest Phil Price
Interviewed Guest Harriet Lane
Interviewed Guest Jessamy Hibberd
Interviewed Guest Laura Doggett
Interviewed Guest Michael Booth
Interviewed Guest Helen Russell


  • Mon 12 Jan 2015 10:00

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