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Episode 4

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Aziraphale and Crowley are visited by the Angelic and Demonic authorities, and Adam begins to formulate plans. Stars Mark Heap.

Newt and Anathema try to decipher Agnes's cryptic riddles; Aziraphale and Crowley receive visits from the Angelic and Demonic authorities, and Adam begins to formulate some plans.

With a cast led by Peter Serafinowicz and Mark Heap, this is the first ever dramatisation of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's Good Omens.

Events have been set in motion to bring about the End of Days. The armies of Good and Evil are gathering and making their way towards the sleepy English village of Lower Tadfield. The Four Horsepersons of the Apocalypse - War, Famine, Pollution and Death - have been summoned from the corners of the earth and are assembling.

Witchfinder Sergeant Shadwell and his assistant Newton Pulsifier are also en route to Tadfield to investigate some unusual phenomena in the area, while Anathema Device, descendent of prophetess and witch Agnes Nutter, tries to decipher her ancestor's cryptic predictions about exactly where the impending Apocalypse will take place.

Atlantis is rising, fish are falling from the sky; everything seems to be going to the Divine Plan.

Everything that is but for the unlikely duo of an angel and a demon who are not all that keen on the prospect of the forthcoming Rapture. Aziraphale (once an angel in the Garden of Eden, but now running an antiquarian bookshop in London), and Crowley (formerly Eden's snake, now driving around London in shades and a vintage Bentley) have been living on Earth for several millennia and have become rather fond of the place. But if they are to stop Armageddon taking place they've got to find and kill the one who will the one bring about the apocalypse: the Antichrist himself.

There's just one small problem: someone seems to have mislaid him...

Crowley ...... Peter Serafinowicz
Aziraphale ...... Mark Heap
Agnes Nutter ...... Josie Lawrence
Anathema Device ...... Charlotte Ritchie
Newton Pulsifer ...... Colin Morgan
Shadwell ...... Clive Russell
Madame Tracy ...... Julia Deakin
Hastur ...... Phil Davis
Ligur ...... Neil Maskell
Melatron ...... Nicholas Briggs
Adam ...... Adam Thomas Wright
Pepper ...... Hollie Burgess
Wensleydale ...... Bobby Fuller
Brian ...... Lewis Andrews
Corrie Corfield ...... Herself

Adaptation and sound design by Dirk Maggs.

Producer: Heather Larmour.

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in December 2014.

30 minutes

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Fri 19 Jul 2019 00:00



Role Contributor
Actor Peter Serafinowicz
Actor Mark Heap
Writer Neil Gaiman
Writer Terry Pratchett
Adaptor Dirk Maggs


Aziraphale and Crowley - Neil Gaiman

Aziraphale and Crowley - Neil Gaiman

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Art. Colour. Drama.

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