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Adam Rutherford and Francine Stock present a special edition that examines the relationship between science and cinema.

The Film Programme's Francine Stock and Adam Rutherford from BBC Inside Science join forces for a special Christmas day programme celebrating science in the movies. Francine meets Paul Franklin, the special effects wizard behind blockbuster Interstellar, and discovers how he worked with theoretical physicist Kip Thorne to create the most detailed simulation of a black hole ever produced. But can Hollywood ever really be faithful to science and should it be? Professor Sidney Perkowitz, one of the authors of Hollywood Chemistry, considers what happens when physics gets warped by cinema. Christopher Frayling explores the scientist on screen, from Frankenstein to Dr Strangelove; and can science save celluloid? Adam visits the archives of British Film Institute to uncover the science behind film preservation. Adam and Francine subject themselves to a psychological experiment that tracks their eye movements as they watch a film on the big screen.

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58 minutes