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Pop Up Shops, Home Care Costs, Party Wall Disasters

We are told adult home care is starved of cash, but one London Council is planning to offer it free. How will they do it?

Pop up shops began as a fun way to add interest to the high street. While they may not compete with the big retail hitters for sales, they're now managing to generate real business clout and making shopping local and small increasingly attractive.

The average cost of home care for elderly and disabled people is rising and set to rise even further as Councils countrywide are putting cutbacks in place. But one London Council says it's going to scrap charges altogether for home care next year. They say they will make the savings elsewhere. What does this mean for service users? And why can't every council follow suit?

And we talk to the homeowner faced with a huge bill when a neighbour chose a surveyor to examine their party wall. What are the pitfalls in building an extension when you share a wall and how can they be avoided?

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  • Council Cuts

    We investigate who the winners and losers will be.

    Duration: 08:23

  • Pop Up Retail

    How stop gap shops on the high street have become retail engines.

    Duration: 07:15

  • Comparison Sites

    MPs to investigate sites that help you switch energy supplier

    Duration: 03:49

  • Party Wall Surveyors

    The man who spent hundreds of pounds on his neighbours surveyor

    Duration: 06:24

  • Arthritis Products

    Advertising Standards Agency criticises adverts for patches

    Duration: 06:21

  • Organising Care

    A You and Yours listener on the difficulties involved

    Duration: 04:27

Pop Up Shops

Pop Up Shops
Shauna Guinn and Samantha Evans, founders of the Hang Fire Smokehouse in Llantwit Major


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