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Teenage Alcoholic

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The host of NYC's longest-running open mic night is now in the UK, remembering the height of his notoriety. From 2014.

Lach was the King of Manhattan's East Village and host of the longest running open mic night in New York. He now lives in Scotland and finds himself back at square one, playing in a dive bar on the wrong side of Edinburgh.

His acclaimed night, held in various venues around New York, was called the Antihoot. Never quite fitting in and lost somewhere lonely between folk and punk music, Lach started the Antifolk movement. He played host to Suzanne Vega, Jeff Buckley and many others. He discovered and nurtured lots of talent including Beck, Regina Spektor and the Moldy Peaches - but nobody discovered him.

In 1982, the "Village" was the centre of all worldly excitement. Iggy Pop played small venues to those in the know, style was everybody's own, your heroes drank in the local bars, and anointment was just a few chords away.

Producer: Richard Melvin
A Dabster production for BBC Radio 4 first broadcast in December 2014.

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