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The distraction of using a mobile phone while driving, an intensive treatment for post traumatic stress disorder and two potential new drugs to target symptoms of psychosis.

Driving and distraction from mobile phones - a new study from Canada shows that if someone phoning a driver can see the driver's road ahead the driver is far less likely to have an accident. The programme explores why using mobile phones while driving, even if they are hands free is so distracting and dangerous. Claudia talks to Nick Grey about an intensive 7 day course for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He explains why it is just as effective as giving the same course of cognitive behavioural therapy over 3 months. But can this method work for everyone? Claudia finds out about two new potential drugs to treat symptoms of psychosis, one hopes to improve memory and thinking, the other could target the delusions and hallucinations and is based on compounds found in older varieties of cannabis. Also in the programme, guest Catherine Loveday from the University of Westminster discusses recent research on the effect of music on people in a vegetative state and why some professions may keep your memory more robust later in life.

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28 minutes


  • The Distraction of Using a Mobile Phone While Driving

    Is there a way to get round the distracting effects of using a mobile while driving?

    Duration: 08:24

  • Intensive Treatment for PTSD

    Intensive 7-day cognitive behavioural therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    Duration: 06:04

  • New Drugs for Psychosis

    Two potential new drugs to target symptoms of psychosis

    Duration: 07:14


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