2001: A Space Odyssey Special

As 2001: A Space Odyssey is re-released in cinemas, Francine Stock presents a special edition on Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece.
'My God, it's Full of Stars' were the last words of Dave Bowman before he journeyed through the Stargate, according to writer Arthur C. Clarke but it's an apt description for this edition of The Film Programme. Francine journeys through time and space to uncover the mysteries of this 1968 classic. Searching for the mind of H.A.L. and lost alien worlds among the delights of the Stanley Kubrick Archive at London's University of the Arts. Joining Francine on her voyage of discovery are 2001 chronicler Piers Bizony, former urbane spaceman Keir Dullea and the woman who built the moon! Other voices include production designer Harry Lange, make-up genius Stuart Freeborn, editor Ray Lovejoy, all now so much stardust, as well as those of lead ape 'Moonwatcher' (Dan Richter) & Stargate deviser Douglas Trumbull. Open the Pod Bay Doors HAL!

Mark Burman.

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28 minutes

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Sun 30 Nov 2014 23:00

Thanks to the listeners who gave us their memories of 2001: A Space Odyssey

Thank you to Barbara Vesey, Dariush Alavi, Martin Holland, Mark Henshall, Patrick Kelly, and Maria, Fiona & Ken for sharing their memories of first seeing 2001: A Space Odyssey and to all the other listeners who called in - we would have loved to have had more time to include you all.


Role Contributor
PresenterFrancine Stock
Interviewed GuestPiers Bizony
Interviewed GuestHarry Lange
Interviewed GuestStuart Freeborn
Interviewed GuestRay Lovejoy
Interviewed GuestKeir Dullea
Interviewed GuestGary Lockwood
Interviewed GuestDaniel Richter
Interviewed GuestDouglas Trumbull
ProducerMark Burman

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