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eBay's restricted items and Wonga's compensation

Banned goods that contain asbestos are found on eBay, Wonga struggles to compensate customers and Lloyds Bank's hefty insurance renewals.

Selling asbestos is illegal in this country, so why are eBay traders listing asbestos-filled WW2 gas masks unrestricted? The online auction site explains.

The payday loan company, Wonga, promised in June to compensate 45,000 customers it sent fake legal letters to. However so far just 5,000 people have been paid anything.

If you are thinking of letting your insurance roll over for another year - think again. Lloyds Bank has been found to be inflating premiums by as much as 100% in seven years.

And weight loss surgery - a woman who's had it meets someone who might.

Presenter: Winifred Robinson
Producer: Natalie Donovan.

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  • Wonga

    Wonga is yet to contact 18,000 people who were pursued by legal firms

    Duration: 07:45

  • Insurance Renewal

    Lloyds Bank Housing Insurance renewals claim to be a good deal, but are anything but!

    Duration: 06:15

  • Tesco Kitchens update

    An update on Tesco's decision to shut down its fitted kitchen business

    Duration: 00:22

  • Ebay Gas Masks Update

    Ebay have been criticised for allowing the sale of WWII gas masks that contain asbestos

    Duration: 06:35

  • Phone Protest

    Poor EE mobile network coverage in Shropshire leads to campaign

    Duration: 03:24

  • Gastric Surgery

    Two listeners discuss surgery for obesity

    Duration: 05:57

  • Revenge Eviction

    The Government wants to stop landlords from revenge evicting

    Duration: 07:12


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