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Historian Michael Scott finds out about how the rest of the world fared in the year of the Wall Street financial crash.

1929 was a pivotal year in economic history. As the 'roaring twenties' neared its end, American optimism came to a shuddering halt in October with the Wall Street financial crash. Earlier in the year, folks thought the good times would just keep rolling along. 1929 saw the inaugural Academy Awards and the production of the first all black cast in the film Hallelujah.

Historian Michael Scott hears what caused the Wall Street crash and also looks to other parts of the globe to see what was happening there. In Australia, the Rothbury miners strike ended with a police and strikers stand off with the police shooting one miner dead. Elsewhere, China was in inner turmoil in a civil war and in Palestine, there was an outbreak of rioting between the Muslim and Jewish population.

Producer: Sarah Taylor.

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