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Chris Cutler from Henry Cow

Chris Cutler from Henry Cow talks to Stuart about reforming the group to celebrate the memory of saxophonist, bassoonist, composer and former member Lindsay Cooper.

Chris Cutler from Henry Cow chats to Stuart about reforming in memory of Lindsay Cooper. Active from 1968 to 1978 Henry Cow combined the sensibilities of rock with contemporary classical music and jazz. They coined the term Rock In Opposition to advocate their political ideas and the progressive aspects of their music. Lindsay joined Henry Cow as a saxophonist and bassoonist but soon began to contribute her own compositions and wrote half of the songs on their last album Western Culture. Chris pays tribute to Lindsay, describes his arguments with composer Cornelius Cardew and outlines his growing disappointment with the worldwide web.

2 hours


Music Played

  • Katsuko Kanai

    Mini Mini Girl

    • Nippon Girls 2: Japanese Pop, Beat & Rock'n'roll 1965-70 Pop.
  • Half Man Half Biscuit

    Westward Ho Massive Letdown

    • Urge For Offal.
  • Graham Lewis

    Twins Got Got

    • All Over.

    • OMD

      Radio Prague

      • Dazzle Ships.
    • OMD

      Radio Waves

      • Dazzle Ships.
    • OMD

      Swiss Radio International

      • Dazzle Ships.
  • Sound Of Yell

    Brocken Spectre

    • Brocken Spectre.
  • Karlheinz Stockhausen

    Struktur Xvi B

    • Gasang Der Junglinge.
  • Aphex Twin

    PAPAT4 [155][Pineal Mix]

    • Syro.
  • The Singing Guitars


    • Single.

    • OMD

      This Is Helena

      • Dazzle Ships.
    • OMD

      Dazzle Ships

      • Dazzle Ships.
    • OMD

      The Romance Of The Telescope

      • Dazzle Ships.

    • Lindsay Cooper


    • Henry Cow

      Beautiful As The Moon

    • Cornelius Cardew

      Solidarity Song

    • Henry Cow

      Gretel's Tale

      • Western Culture.
  • King Crimson

    21st Century Schizoid Man (incl. Mirrors)

    • In The Court Of The Crimson King.
  • Slug

    Cockeyed Rabbit Wrapped In Plastic

    • Single.
  • Nate Henricks

    Your Arcade Prize

    • Alligator In The Toilet.
  • The Drink


    • Company.
  • Freddy The Dyke

    Serbian Standoff

    • Freddy The Dyke.
  • Lumen Drones

    Echo Plexus

    • Lumen Drones.
  • Three Trapped Tigers


    • Numbers: 1-13.

    • The Pop Group

      Spanish Inquisition

      • Marc Riley Session.

    • OMD

      Abc Auto Industry

      • Dazzle Ships.
    • OMD

      Time Zones

      • Dazzle Ships.
    • OMD

      Of All The Things We’ve Made

      • Dazzle Ships.
  • Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band

    Kandy Korn

    • Mirror Man.
  • Ryan Teague

    Animated Landscape

    • Block Boundaries.