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Luring GPs to Rural Scotland; Cold Homes; Ethical Jewellery

Consumer news with Winifred Robinson. NHS Highland is advertising in Leeds to lure GPs to vacancies in Scotland. Can England's inner cities afford to lose them?

You and Yours reports on the new NHS Highland campaign to attract English GPs to vacancies in rural Scotland. With a UK wide shortage of family doctors can urban England do without them?

When buying jewellery would you put the origin of the materials before the look of the item? Why is Fairtrade gold not as widespread as Fairtrade bananas or chocolate?

And the latest political plans to tackle cold and draughty homes.

Producer: Olive Clancy
Presenter: Winifred Robinson.

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45 minutes


  • Labour Energy

    Labour policies to tackle cold homes

    Duration: 06:35

  • Scottish GPs

    NHS Highland launches advertising campaign in Leeds to attract GPs

    Duration: 06:02

  • Affordable Housing

    As a protest over affordable homes in London erupts, You and Yours investigates

    Duration: 07:17

  • Ebay Asbestos

    Concerns over sales of World War 2 gas masks containing asbestos

    Duration: 05:41

  • Ethical Jewellery

    Should gold join bananas and chocolate on Fairtrade lists?

    Duration: 05:38

  • Indemnity Insurance

    How conveyancing problems are being remedied by "useless" insurance policies

    Duration: 06:06


  • Mon 10 Nov 2014 12:15

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