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Disability benefits; School bus fares; Are we back in love with carpet?

Winifred Robinson investigates claims that government fitness-to-work tests are 'farcical' for those suffering from progressive illnesses like Parkinson's or motor neurone disease.

New research from a group of five charities - the MS Society, Parkinson's UK, Motor Neurone Disease Association, the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society and The Cystic Fibrosis Trust - shows that thousands of people with progressive illnesses are having to do what the charities call "farcical" fitness to work tests, causing them financial stress and anxiety.

The Business Growth Fund has just announced a ten million pounds investment in the parent company of Victoria Carpets - a 100 year old manufacturer of floor coverings. We ask if we're forsaking bare floorboards for something more comfy... and warm.

Students in England now have to stay in education or training until they're 17. Next year it rises to 18. But most local authorities - outside of London - only help towards the cost of getting to school if you live within a certain distance and if you're under 16. Is this fair?

Producer: Olive Clancy
Presenter: Winifred Robinson.

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  • Supermarket statistics

    Shoppers are working hard to buy what they want affordably and these statistics prove it.

    Duration: 04:40

  • Fitness to Work

    People with incurable illnesses are having disability benefits cut and told to find work.

    Duration: 05:19

  • Sixth form bus fares

    Is it fair that people stay in education until 17 but only get help with travel until 16?

    Duration: 07:27

  • The Return of Carpet

    We asked interior designer Linda Barker if people are falling back in love with carpets?

    Duration: 15:34

  • Air Pollution

    UK air quality is amongst the worst in Europe and we're not doing enough to improve it.

    Duration: 04:40

  • Childcare Vouchers

    Chancellor George Osborne has talked of offering more, and simpler, tax-free childcare.

    Duration: 04:40


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