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Behind the Curtain

Episode 3 of 6

Secret telephone discos for cold-calling salesmen, auditioning for the OULIPO, an uncomfortable reality show. Josie Long presents stories of what happens behind the scenes.

Secret telephone discos for cold calling salesmen, moral dilemmas which emerge behind the scenes on a reality television show and Joe Dunthorne attempts to gain access to the OULIPO.

Josie Long peers behind the curtain to reveal stories from behind the scenes.

Series Producer: Eleanor McDowall
A Falling Tree production for BBC Radio 4.

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28 minutes

Items featured in the programme

Satchmo Encore
Feat. The Smith Brothers
Produced by Phil Smith


Inflitrating OULIPO
Feat. Joe Dunthorne


Cold Calling Disco
Found sound collected by RJ Porter

My Reality
Feat. Avigail Schotz
Produced by Avigail Schotz and Nick White
Originally broadcast on KCRW's Unfictional


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