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Nathan tries to be a good role model for his younger brother Tyree. With Adjoa Andoh and Curtis Walker. From October 2014.

In a mix of stand-up and re-enacted family life - Nathan Caton tries to be a good role model for his younger brother Tyree.

Written by Nathan Caton and James Kettle

Can't Tell Nathan Caton Nothing is a series about young, up-and-coming comedian Nathan Caton, who after becoming the first in his family to graduate from University, opted not to use his architecture degree but instead to try his hand at being a full-time stand-up comedian, much to his family's horror and disgust. They desperately want him to get a 'proper job.'

Each episode illustrates the criticism, interference and rollercoaster ride that Nathan endures from his disapproving family as he tries to prove himself.

The series is a mix of Nathan's stand-up intercut with scenes from his family life.

Janet a.k.a. Mum is probably the kindest and most lenient of the disappointed family members. At the end of the day she just wants the best for her son. However, she'd also love to brag and show her son off to her friends, but with Nathan only telling jokes for a living that's kind of hard to do.

Martin a.k.a. Dad works in the construction industry and was looking forward to his son getting a degree so the two of them could work together in the same field. But now Nathan has blown that dream out of the window. Martin is clumsy and hard-headed and leaves running the house to his wife (she wouldn't allow it to be any other way).

Shirley a.k.a. Grandma cannot believe Nathan turned down architecture for comedy. She can't believe she left the paradise in the West Indies and came to the freezing United Kingdom for a better life so that years later her grandson could 'tell jokes!' How can her grandson go on stage and use foul language and filthy material... it's not the good Christian way!

So with all this going on in the household what will Nathan do? Will he persevere and follow his dreams? Or will he give in to his family's interference? Or will he finally leave home?!

Producer: Katie Tyrrell

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30 minutes


Role Contributor
Nathan Nathan Caton
Grandma Mona Hammond
Mum Adjoa Andoh
Dad Curtis Walker
Tyree Alhaji Fofano
Ms Carter Chizzy Akudolu
Lethal Damager Damian Lynch
Year 11 Boy Kavern Batchelor
Year 11 Boy Oscar Wilkinson
Writer Nathan Caton
Writer James Kettle
Producer Katie Tyrrell


Video: Nathan Caton interview

Video: Nathan Caton interview

Nathan Caton introduces series 2 of Can't Tell Nathan Caton Nothing.

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