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Farming Today This Week: Fashion and Farming

Presented by Charlotte Smith. How farming feeds in to the world of high fashion. The centre for sustainable fashion explains how agriculture is essential to designers and buyers.

Although the spheres of farming and high fashion might seem like a world apart, Farming Today this Week takes a look at UK produced fabrics which provide opportunities for UK agriculture. Charlotte Smith goes to the Centre for Sustainable fashion in central London to meet Charlotte Turner and Alex McIntosh to talk about why using textiles from UK farms is so important, including silk produced in Hertfordshire. Melanie Brown visits a herd af Alpacas, a new addition to the UK countryside, kept primarily for their fleece. Meanwhile Mark Smalley goes to an rabbitry in Wiltshire to hear about the small angora wool industry in the UK. Another bi-product of livestock farming apart from wool or fleece, is leather. The UK produces 9.5 million square meters of it every year. Ruth Sanderson went to a tannery in Bristol to meet Barry Knight who took her through the process, he thinks that farmers should get more involved, but concedes that for that to happen there needs to be a financial incentive. Presented by Charlotte Smith. Produced by Ruth Sanderson.

27 minutes