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Jean-Philippe Rameau Recital

Sophie Yates performs a recital of music by Rameau on the recently-restored Ruckers-Hemsch harpsichord at Hatchlands, the sort of instrument Rameau himself may have played.

In the last of Sophie Yates's three programmes marking the 250th anniversary of the death of Jean Philippe Rameau, she visits Hatchlands to perform a recital on the recently-restored Ruckers-Hemsch harpsichord, which is the sort of instrument Rameau himself might have played. If you heard the first of Sophie's Rameau programmes back in June, you might be interested to know that this instrument was made in Antwerp in 1636 by Andreas Ruckers and "ravalled" [the practice of refurbishing instruments to extend their range, improve their marketability, or pass them off as an older or more valuable instrument than they really are] in Paris in 1763 by Henri Hemsch. The programme for the concert includes several works by Rameau himself and opens with "La Rameau", a tribute by his contemporary Antoine Forqueray.

A. Forqueray: La Rameau

Rameau: La Livri, L'Agaçante, La Timide (extraites de Pieces de Clavecin en Concerts)

Rameau: Suite in E minor [Allemande, Courante, Gigues en Rondeau, Le Rappel des Oiseaux, Rigaudons, Double du 2me rigaudon, Musette en Rondeau, Tambourin, La Villageoise (Rondeau)]

Rameau: Les Indes Galantes [Ouverture, Musette en Rondeau, Air Polonais, Air gratieux pour les Amours, Menuets 1 & 2, Airs pour les Bostangis, Gavotte, Air des Fleurs - Air tendre pour la Rose, Gavottes pour les Fleurs, Air pour la Borée et la Rose, Air vif pour Zéphire et la Rose, Air grave pour les Incas du Perou, Air grave pour les Incas du Perou, Gavotte 1, Gavotte 2 en rondeau, Air pour les esclaves Africains, Les Sauvages, Tambourins 1 & 2].

1 hour