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Ethiopian Teff - An Ancient Grain

Teff is to Ethiopia what porridge and whisky are to Scotland. Sheila Dillon speaks to food entrepreneurs who have spotted the potential of the ancient supergrain.

Teff has been grown in Ethiopia for Millennia. Traditionally, it's ground, milled, mixed with water and fermented for days to make the sour staple flatbread injera.

Cultivation of this mysterious and tiny grain has been concentrated in Ethiopia for thousands of years. But now that's changing as the health-conscious Western world realise the nutritional secrets this crop might bestow.

In this edition of the Food Programme, Sheila Dillon meets UK entrepreneurs bringing foods, normally seen as Ethiopian to new diners, and speaks to experts to hear how the rise in popularity of teff is affecting the farmers back home.

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Ethiopian food in the UK

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Tobia Teff


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