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Portishead's Geoff Barrow sits in

Portishead's Geoff Barrow sits in for Stuart with his favourite left-field music featuring a healthy dose of fuzz, psych and soundtracks. Plus Geoff welcomes fellow Bristolian Fat Paul on to talk about the city's musical freaks.

2 hours

Music Played

  • Anika

    Sadness Hides The Sun

    • Anika.
    • Invada Records.
  • Animated Egg

    Sock It My Way

    • The Animated Egg.
    • Marble Arch Records.
  • BEAK>


    • Beak>>.
    • Invada.
  • Can

    Dead Pigeon Suite

    • The Lost Tapes.
    • Spoon Records.
  • The Coral

    Wrapped In Blue

    • Forthcoming.
  • Bruce Haack


    • Faded.
    • Stones Throw.
  • Hacker

    Ice Cream Man

    • Ice Cream Man E.P..
    • Rocket Recordings.
  • James Holden

    Gone Feral

    • Gone Feral.
    • Border Community.
  • Mica Levi


    • Under The Skin (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.
    • Milan.
  • Joe Meek

    I Hear A New World

    • I Hear A New World.
    • RPM Records.
  • Connan Mockasin


    • Caramel.
    • Phantasy Sound.
  • Paul Shorthouse

    A Garden Under Two Moons

    • Swarffinger Records.
  • The Plastic People of the Universe


  • The Savages

    The World Ain’t Round It's Square

    • Live'n Wild.
    • Duane Records.
  • Jeremy Schmidt

    Beyond The Black Rainbow

    • The Death Waltz Recording Company.
  • Silver Apples


    • Silver apples.
    • MCA Records/Spectrum Music.
  • Stark Reality

    Rocket Ship

    • Discovers Hoagy Carmichael's Music Shop.
    • Ajp (2).
  • Mark Stewart & Maffia

    Passivecation Program

    • As The Veneer of Democracy Starts To Fade.
    • Soul Jazz Records.
  • Temple

    Black Light

    • Temple.
    • Psi-Fi.
  • Keith Tippett

    Midnight Snow Walk

    • The Unlonely Raindancer.
    • Universe Productions.
  • The United States of America

    The American Metaphysical Circus

    • The United States Of America.
    • CBS.
  • Jim Williams, Martin Pavey & Blanck Mass

    Walk To My Still Beating Heart

    • A Field In England - Original Soundtrack Recording.
    • Rook Films.
  • Wolf Eyes

    A Million Years

    • Human Animal.
    • Sub Pop.