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Baroness Oona King on Ida B Wells

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Matthew Parris leads a discussion on Ida B Wells, the African-American civil rights and women's rights activist and political trailblazer, nominated by Baroness Oona King.

Matthew Parris leads a discussion on Ida B. Wells the African American civil rights and women's rights activist who was a political trailblazer. Throughout her life, Wells was militant in her demands for equality and justice for black Americans and she encouraged the African American community to fight for positive change through their own efforts. She was an investigative journalist who highlighted the practice of lynching in the United States, showing how it was used as a way to control or punish blacks , often under the guise of trumped up rape charges. Ida was also active in women's rights and the women's suffrage movement, establishing several notable women's organizations. She was a skilled and inspiring rhetorician, and travelled internationally on lecture tours. She is the great life chosen this week by Baroness Oona King.

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Role Contributor
Presenter Matthew Parris
Interviewed Guest Oona King
Producer Maggie Ayre


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