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Eat for Victory

Sheila Dillon meets the people using WWII techniques to improve their diet in the 21st century.

Eat for Victory - Sheila Dillon meets the people who are using the techniques of WWII rationing to improve their diet today. Clare Millar likes to dress as a land girl, and eat like one too. She isn't interested in eating Woolton Pie but she finds that the mantras from the time of rationing such as Grow Your Own Food, Don't Take More Than You Can Eat and Don't Waste Good Food are still useful today.

60 years after the end of rationing Sheila and Clare find that there is still a lot to learn from that period. They meet women in their 80s and 90s to hear the cooking techniques that they learnt during rationing.

Presented by Sheila Dillon and produced by Emma Weatherill in Bristol.

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30 minutes

Clare Millar

Clare Millar
Visit Clare's website - 'Eat For Victory' here


Role Contributor
Presenter Sheila Dillon
Interviewed Guest Clare Millar
Producer Emma Weatherill


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The Food & Farming Awards 2018

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