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Adjective from Space!

Richard’s after the youth vote while Brian's campaign is based on some nauseating protein. Stars Nicholas Lyndhurst. From 2014.

It's election time on the colony - Richard goes for the youth vote while Brian's campaign is based on feeding everyone some nauseating protein. And just who is the mysterious Security Officer hidden on the colony?

The return of the hit sitcom starring Nicholas Lyndhurst and Vicki Pepperdine ("Getting On") set on a shiny new planet.

Welcome to the colony. We're aware that, having been in deep cryosleep for 73 years, you may be in need of some supplementary information.

Unfortunately, Burrows the leader of the colony has died on the voyage so his Number 2, Brian (Nicholas Lyndhurst), is now in charge. He's a nice enough chap, but no alpha male, and his desire to sort things out with a nice friendly meeting infuriates the colony's Chief Physician Lillian (Vicki Pepperdine), who'd really rather everyone was walking round in tight colour-coded tunics and saluting each other. She's also in charge of Project Adam, the plan to conceive and give birth to the first colony-born baby. Unfortunately, the two people hand-picked for this purpose - Carol and Richard - were rather fibbing about being a couple, just to get on the trip.

Add in an entirely unscrupulous Chief Scientist, Mason and also Archer, an idiot maintenance man who believes he's an "empath" rather than a plumber, and you're all set to answer the question - if humankind were to colonise space, is it destined to succumb to self-interest, prejudice and infighting? (By the way, the answer's "yes". Sorry.)

Written by Phil Whelans
Produced and Directed by David Tyler.

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30 minutes


Role Contributor
Brian Nicholas Lyndhurst
Lillian Vicki Pepperdine
Mason Tom Goodman-Hill
Archer Phil Whelans
Carol Letty Butler
Richard John Dorney
Jackie Bekka Bowling
The Security Man Tom Meeten
Writer Phil Whelans
Director David Tyler
Producer David Tyler