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Supermarket price wars; More complaints about Unicom

Winifred Robinson investigates complaints about a telecoms company. An internet provider explains why customer emails have been going missing. Plus the supermarket price wars.

An investigation into a company accused of mis-selling broadband deals and charging extortionate termination fees. The writing group preparing to publish their debut book - all of the authors have dementia. And we'll get answers to why Talk Talk customers are finding their e mails are mysteriously disappearing.

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45 minutes


  • Unicom

    Reporter Lydia Thomas investigates more complaints about the company

    Duration: 11:07

  • Supermarkets

    Chris Stokel-Walker analyses the performance of each of the supermarkets

    Duration: 07:17

  • Boundary Disputes

    Calls to simplify the process of boundary disputes

    Duration: 04:47

  • After Dark Rotas

    The health impact of working anti-social hours

    Duration: 07:17

  • Email Problems

    How emails send from some Talk Talk addresses have vanished without trace

    Duration: 06:18


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