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Fi Glover introduces two conversations that Iby, who for 40 years kept the secret that she had survived Auschwitz, wanted to have, and a poem she wrote about her experiences.

For 40 years Iby kept secret the fact that she'd been held in Auschwitz - she didn't even tell her husband. She finally told someone 30 years ago and one of the conversations introduced by Fi Glover is with that friend; the other is with her granddaughter. Since Iby finally revealed her secret, she has gone on to tell her story to more than 20,000 people, most of them school children, in her determination that the horrors of the Holocaust should never be repeated. And, in a departure for The Listening Project, Iby reads the powerful poem she wrote in her pursuit of this aim.

The Listening Project is a Radio 4 initiative that offers a snapshot of contemporary Britain in which people across the UK volunteer to have a conversation with someone close to them about a subject they've never discussed intimately before. The conversations are being gathered across the UK by teams of producers from local and national radio stations who facilitate each encounter. Every conversation - they're not BBC interviews, and that's an important difference - lasts up to an hour, and is then edited to extract the key moment of connection between the participants. Most of the unedited conversations are being archived by the British Library and used to build up a collection of voices capturing a unique portrait of the UK in the second decade of the millennium. You can upload your own conversations or just learn more about The Listening Project by visiting

Producer: Marya Burgess.

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