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Affordable homes, nuclear waste and space age make-up

Ofgem predicts the big six energy firms will make increased profits in the coming year. With Winifred Robinson.

The energy regulator OFGEM says the UK's big six energy firms are set to double their profit margins over the next year, yet British Gas has just announced a fall in its profits.

Would you like millions of pounds invested in your community? Sounds great, but there's a catch - you have to agree to store nuclear waste.

The government wants to build more affordable homes - we speak to one builder who has been trying to build houses for nine years.

And space-age technology in make-up? We ask a beauty journalist and space scientist for their opinion.

Presenter: Winifred Robinson
Producer: Louise Clarke-Rowbotham.

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56 minutes


  • Ofgem

    Are energy companies charging customers too much and making excessive profits?

    Duration: 05:55

  • Portas Towns; Newbiggin by the Sea

    How is the money being spent and what difference has it made?

    Duration: 06:05

  • Charity Giving

    High Court ruling decrees that money given to the website will be given to 1800 charities

    Duration: 06:34

  • Zero Waste

    Restaurant claiming to leave no waste

    Duration: 08:16

  • Beauty Products

    Are they worth the hype?

    Duration: 02:31

  • Nuclear Waste Dumps

    Plans to remove right of local council to block a plan where there's public support

    Duration: 05:01

  • Portas Towns; Newbiggin by the Sea part 2

    How have the Association of Town & City Management helped the Portas towns?

    Duration: 05:09

  • Space age makeup

    Space scientist Maggie Aderin Pocock on the use of lipophillic acid in beauty products

    Duration: 02:35

  • Affordable Housing

    Builder who's been trying to build affordable homes for the last 9 years

    Duration: 07:48


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