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Last Night in Gaza

A return to Gaza and a series of other stories from eastern Ukraine, Moldova, Germany and the United States.

Correspondents tell their stories: a week in Gaza, Paul Adams; on the night train from Kiev to Donetsk, Gabriel Gatehouse; trouble in the vineyards of Moldova, Stephen Sackur; how the US city which brought us Campbell's Soup fell into decline, Sophie Reid and how frugality set two German brothers on the road to super-riches, Steve Evans.

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  • Paul Adams - Last night in Gaza

    Can there ever be a solution to the stalemate?

    Duration: 05:26

  • Gabriel Gatehouse - Fear and suspicion in Donetsk

    Living amid a constant threat of sudden violence

    Duration: 05:25

  • Stephen Sackur - Moldova Wine

    Russia's love affair with Moldovan wine and its bitter end

    Duration: 05:37

  • Sophie Reid - Camden's post-industrial problems

    Hopes of a new future in a city which once showcased US optimism

    Duration: 05:30

  • Stephen Evans - Penny pinching, thrift and secrecy

    Frugality can set you on the road to super riches, just ask the Germans

    Duration: 05:09


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