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The End of the Pay Rise?

British wages have fallen since 2008. Paul Johnson of the Institute of Fiscal Studies asks if they will ever pick up.

Something strange has been happening in the British economy. For over six years now, wages have fallen for most of us, which is unprecedented in British modern history. And despite the return of economic growth, wages still have not picked up.

What has happened? And crucially is this a long term problem - is this the end of the pay rise? Paul Johnson, director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, explores the mystery of our falling wages and finds out how it is related to how productive we are, but also to how wages themselves are shared out between the top earners and the rest of us.

Producer: Estelle Doyle

** Nikki King, Honorary Chairman, Isuzu Trucks UK
** Andy Haldane, chief economist, Central Bank of England
** Jonathan Haskel, Professor of Economics, Imperial College Business School
** Paul Gregg, Professor of Economic and social policy, University of Bath
** Nick Crafts, Professor of Economic History, Warwick University
** Andrew Sentance, former member of Central Bank MPC
** Matt Whitaker, Chief Economist, Resolution Foundation
** Nicola Smith, Trade Union Congress
** Sarah Collyer, Peter Murphy, Hillary Rogers from Isuzu Trucks UK.

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