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Freeing Up Your Pensions; Dangerous Dogs

How a plan to free up a pension did not go according to plan for one listener. Also, how dangerous dogs need new curbs and the attraction of Habitat 50 years on.

How a listener's plan to free up his pension may not be working out the way he'd hoped.

Also how an MP and a postie found themselves on the wrong side of dogs.

New data roaming charges come in for mobile phones tomorrow, how will that affect you?

Can a loan be taken out against your car without you knowing?

A year into their role we talk to the woman trying to make sure suppliers and supermarkets forge a better working relationship.

And 50 years on from the opening of Habitat, we look at its appeal then and the role it plays now in Britain's interior design schemes.

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56 minutes


  • Pension Liberation part 1

    What happens when you try to cash in your pension early and it disappears

    Duration: 08:35

  • Habitat

    50 years on how has it changed the way we shop?

    Duration: 08:15

  • Grocery Adjudicator

    80% of supermarket suppliers say they're still dealing with bad practice from grocers

    Duration: 05:21

  • Roaming Charges

    Simon Calder on how a cap on mobile phone roaming charges could affect those in the EU

    Duration: 03:02

  • Pension Liberation part 2

    The company that's suffering as its name is similar to one that's upsetting investors

    Duration: 05:29

  • Log Book Loans

    Calls for a change to a law that allows logbook loan companies to reposses vehicles

    Duration: 05:19

  • Dangerous Dogs Act

    Amendments to the Act mean dog attacks on private property are a criminal offence

    Duration: 07:31

  • Pension Liberation part 3

    The Pensions Advisory Service urge caution when doing deals to free up cash in pensions

    Duration: 04:43


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