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David Cameron announces how the UK will lead the world in finding a cure for dementia.

David Cameron tells Winifred Robinson how the UK will lead the world in the search for a cure or effective treatment for dementia by 2025.

David Cameron on promises to find an effective treatment or cure for dementia by 2025. The company that bought a large chunk of the student loan book responds to accusations that its chasing the debts in a heavy handed way, and threatening to damage people's credit ratings. Plus, we investigate, a furniture company that has disappeared leaving thousand of people out of pocket and without their goods.

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  • Dementia 1

    Prime Minister, David Cameron, calls for effective treatment or cure for dementia by 2025

    Duration: 12:38

  • Infurn

    Replica furniture company leave thousands out of pocket after closing down

    Duration: 08:25

  • Happiness

    Office for National Statistics figures show UK's 11th out of 28 happiest nation in Europe

    Duration: 06:08

  • Dementia 2

    PM says dementia is "one of the greatest enemies of humanity" and needs improved research

    Duration: 08:34

  • Erudio Student Loans

    The debt management company bought £890 million of loans for £160 million last year

    Duration: 07:03

  • Npower

    Ultimatum for Npower, who must resolve its billing problems or halt new telephone sales

    Duration: 01:14

  • Safety Deposit Boxes

    The main high street banks are phasing out their safety deposit boxes

    Duration: 04:00

  • Flight Compensation

    The impact of airlines being forced to pay out compensation for delayed flights

    Duration: 01:18

Dementia - finding a cure

For more information about dementia, visit The Alzheimer's Society website.


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