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Igbidh an t-Iguàna Uaine/Igby the Green Iguana

Investigative guides which reveal amazing facts about members of the animal kingdom. In this episode, the focus is on Igby, a green iguana who has just hatched after spending 3 months developing inside his egg. He has been buried deep in a borrow on a small island and now it's time to enter the big wide world.

As soon as he digs himself out, he has to make his way to the safety of the jungle. It's a journey fraught with danger: he must run the gauntlet of a hungry brown basilisk, swim across the murky Black Lagoon and evade the ever-watchful eyes of the stealthy vine snake. Once he reaches the safety of the tree tops, the programme skips forward 5 years, and catches up with Igby as he tries to attract a mate.

Also in this episode, the camera hops onto a time-machine to visit some of Igby's ancestral relations, the dinosaurs.

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24 minutes

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Sun 6 Mar 2016 18:05

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