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Adventurer Ed Stafford and the Inheritance Tracks of Ziggy Marley

Richard Coles and Suzy Klein with adventurer Ed Stafford, JP Devlin in Hay-on-Wye, the Inheritance Tracks of Ziggy Marley and the varied life of a stem cell courier.

Richard Coles and Suzy Klein with adventurer Ed Stafford whose latest book 'Naked and Marooned' charts 60 days completely alone with nothing but a camera. Ed discusses his world travels and the profound psychological impact enforced, albeit self imposed, solitude, had on him.

Lady Catherine Meyer lost both of her sons when her former husband abducted them and took them to Germany against the ruling of a British court. Years of legal battles ensued but Catherine couldn't get the boys back. Years later they got back in touch and are now reunited. Catherine set up a charity, 'PACT' to campaign for fundamental improvements in child protection policies and practices and help people in similar circumstances.

Peter Hodes is a volunteer stem cell courier for Anthony Nolan. He travels the world delivering vital human material for transplant operations and talks to us about his work and travels.

Joanne Harris suffered with Motor Neurone Disease. She'd written about her condition in the Guardian Newspaper and was planning to record an audio column for us here at 'Saturday Live' but sadly died before she could complete it. Since she very much wanted to broadcast her piece, a close friend, Ann, agreed to do it and both Ann and Jo's brother discuss how Jo coped with such a debilitating condition.

JP Devlin goes to Hay on Wye to talk to people just before the Hay Literary Festival descends on the town.

Listener Chris Markiewicz talks about the joy of hearing a 1967 1275 cc Austin Healey Sprite engine.

Ziggy Marley, son of Bob Marley, shares his Inheritance Tracks, choosing a piece by his Dad and a song he wrote and performed himself. Africa Unite (Bob Marley) and I Dont Wanna Live on Mars (Ziggy Marley).

Produced by Chris Wilson.

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Sat 24 May 2014 09:00

Studio Photo: Peter, Suzy, Richard, Murray, Ed and Lady Catherine

Studio Photo: Peter, Suzy, Richard, Murray, Ed and Lady Catherine

Peter Hodes, Suzy Klein, Richard Coles, Murray Lachlan Young, Ed Stafford and Lady Catherine Meyer

POEMS :: Murray Lachlan Young



Can you see it, can you really feel it?


Bracken fronds jump up through last years dead.

Shrieking past the bramble boughs and on

The vanguard of their fast descending hoard.

Proclaiming ferny to soaking sun


Through rain flecked birdsong's muted sweetness

Calling from the verdant Beltane bloom

Spring is in its late and lustrous youth

Sumptuous still yet to reach it’s luscious peak


Can you feel it, can you smell it?


Summer is just a moment from our door.






Bank holiday weekend

So no work on Monday

For Monday’s like Sunday

So Friday’s like Thursday

And Sunday’s like Saturday

So Saturday’s Friday

For Monday is Sunday

But Tuesday is normal


But turns into Monday

Thus Wednesday to Tuesday

And Thursday to Wednesday

And Friday to Thursday


But suddenly Saturday

Trundles up early

But without a question is

The first day of the weekend


But does this next Saturday

(Post holiday Monday)

Now have the same value

As it does in a ‘real’ week?


Or does it experience

A partial loss of value?

Due to the fact

That it’s come along quicker

Leading to a general

Denigration of weekdays?


I think not, for as we know

Saturday’s Saturday

Saturday’s simply

Not ever mistaken

Unless on Bank holiday

Where its feels quite like Friday

And also quite possibly

A tiny bit like Sunday


But taken in context

Of the previous explanation

It is what it is

Without query or question

Which means all is normal

And Honest and decent

And back in the proper

Gregorian progression


Unless it’s a leap year

Where whole days go missing

And nothing is ever

Quite right to begin with

Depending of course

On a persons perspective

Which without a doubt

Is just nobody’s business


But fear not for all has now

Been well explained

Be there wind be there sun

Be there hail even rain


For next Saturday (in it’s own time)

Will soon come along

So in the ‘tween time,

Please feel free

To get your bank holiday

Freak on.




Role Contributor
Presenter Richard Coles
Presenter Suzy Klein
Interviewed Guest Ed Stafford
Interviewed Guest Catherine Meyer
Interviewed Guest Peter Hodes
Interviewed Guest JP Devlin
Interviewed Guest Chris Markiewicz
Interviewed Guest Ziggy Marley
Producer Chris Wilson


  • Sat 24 May 2014 09:00

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