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New advertising rules; Heating oil; Ebay passwords

Why two firms are being reported to Trading Standards over their adverts, and why has the cost of domestic heating oil fallen by more than 10 per cent in the past six months?

Two firms face Trading Standards after the Advertising Standards Authority reports them over their adverts.

Why has the cost of domestic heating oil fallen by more than 10 percent in the past 6 months?

Can babies turn into bookworms from birth?

Businesses say they are getting a raw deal from the Big 6 energy firms.

Boris Johnson wants London to create its own energy firm.

We hear from the Biscuit Fund, a charity that wants to help but stay anonymous.

Tesco will stop stocking sweets at the tills, but what will replace them?

And can Ebay cope with demand after it tells customers to change their passwords over hacking fears.

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56 minutes


  • Advertising ruling

    Trading standards are called in to investigate firms over health claims in their adverts.

    Duration: 08:43

  • Heating Oil

    Why are prices for heating oil tumbling?

    Duration: 04:19

  • Baby Library cards

    Will giving parents library passes for babies turn them into bookgrubs at an early age?

    Duration: 08:29

  • Energy rates for Business

    Small firms say they aren’t getting a good deal from the Big 6 energy companies

    Duration: 04:06

  • Energy for London

    The Mayor of London wants to start the capital’s own energy firm

    Duration: 04:34

  • Biscuit Fund

    The charity that likes to help, but wants to remain anonymous

    Duration: 08:26

  • Tesco stops sweets

    The supermarket will end sweets at the tills by the end of the year

    Duration: 03:17

  • Ebay hacking

    Ebay customers are told to change their passwords, but can their systems cope with demand?

    Duration: 06:19


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